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New York’s Premier Real Estate Asset Management Firm.

Our Mission

You Own the Property. We Do the Rest.

SKS Enterprises LLC is a full service Real Estate and Asset Management company known for an impressive track record of managing successful and profitable properties for clients throughout New York City. SKS manages a diverse portfolio of commercial and residential properties owned by some of NYC’s most well known developers and investors.

Sometimes referred to as the “Turnaround Specialists”, SKS Enterprises LLC has an uncanny ability to turn your property into profit—with little to no effort on your part. Our goal is to help you achieve a positive cash flow through a hands-on management approach and a dedicated, skillful staff.

Your Property. Our Priority.

We manage your investment as though it were our own. Our hands-on approach allows us to reduce expenses, maximize revenue, and guarantee owner satisfaction.

Always Available.

Our goal is to make property ownership as stress-free as possible. We’re ready for anything around the clock—so you don’t have to be.

Custom Management Plans.

With a variety of services available to choose from, we ensure all management objectives are met.

Commercial & Residential.

Our Clients

SKS Enterprises LLC manages a diverse portfolio of commercial and residential properties throughout NYC. Regardless of the size and scope of a property’s management needs, SKS closely monitors any concerns and day-to-day business so both tenants and owners can rest easy knowing the space is in good hands.

Our Leadership

Susan Sahim

Susan Sahim, founder of SKS Enterprises LLC, is a well-known and respected international entrepreneur who makes a difference everywhere she goes. Whether she’s bringing sustainable development practices to underserved countries or leading management for billion-dollar commercial assets, she is widely sought after for her passion and expertise. At SKS Enterprises LLC, Ms. Sahim spreads her contagious spirit of innovation and excellence to each team member to ensure that the services provided exceed all client expectations.

Ms. Sahim holds certifications in Real Estate Management from NYU and Building Systems with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and is a certified Property Manager. In addition to various awards and recognitions for her success and innovation, Ms. Sahim is the recipient of the prestigious Cambridge “Who’s Who Executive and Professional of the Year”.

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