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Local, State and Federal Compliance Management: We monitor building code requirements such as energy conservation, Local Laws, façade inspections, fire safety procedures, permits, etc., to file with the respectable government agencies.  Our persistent compliance with codes avoid serious violations and costly fines.

Violations: Without a professional managing team like SKS, your building can accumulate many unwanted violations and penalties. Allow our expertise to rid your building of these violations so you avoid facing fines. Under our management, we can expedite the removal of violation issued by the ECB, Fire Dept., HPD, DOB, and Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Legal Coordination: We have the resources and experience to cover all legal matters involving tenant non-compliance, building code enforcement, and lease negotiations. As your managing agent, we can represent you in court to solve any and all matters if need be.

Direct Tenant Communication: With our services, we will relieve you of all the stress and hassle of dealing with tenant requests. We provide same day response time to all tenants through email, text, or phone.  Our customer service team ensures all questions and concerns are handled smoothly and efficiently.

Quick Apartment Turnover: Lease renewals are sent out to our clients three months in advance to confirm the occupancy of each unit in every building.  If a vacancy is anticipated, we strive to guarantee its tenancy.  With our rental marketing strategies, we reduce vacancy loss maximize potential revenue stream.

Rent Invoicing, Rent Collection and Late Payment Notifications: We see to it that each tenant’s rent payments are on time and in full.  Invoices are provided to tenants well in advance of its due date, and courtesy calls are given to ensure a timely payment.



Repair and Maintenance: SKS will develop a plan tailored to your property to guarantee that all its mechanical equipment receives continuous maintenance. Through our preventative maintenance program, we reduce costly bills, avoid emergency repairs, and maximize the life of roofing, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, and HVAC systems. In the event of a repair, we employ trained and professional workers to tackle any and every issue efficiently. Our strong and long standing relationships with numerous vendors and contractors allow us to obtain the best prices and services possible. Our staff works around the clock, responding to emergency requests from tenants immediately.

Renovations: Renovations or capital improvements are overseen by us from start to finish.  We go through competitive bidding procedures and contract negotiations until the best price and service is found for the job. We pride ourselves on keeping up on the appearance and workmanship of all our buildings and enhancing the property’s overall value. In our yearly market analyses, data proves that our renovations have attracted maximum rental rates and increased property revenue in comparison with neighboring buildings.



Leasing: Our offices handle leasing procedures to ensure that every building is occupied by qualified tenants. We draft leases, unique to each property, to satisfy owner’s requests and requirements.

Application Processing: SKS reviews incoming applications meticulously, screening each applicant through credit check, income verification, past rental history and in-person interviews.

Such thorough examination ensures the building’s safety as well as continuous flow of income.

Marketing: Our undivided attention to each unit allows us to reach and maintain full occupancy in your building.  We market all vacant apartments and retail spaces, decreasing vacancy rates and bringing in higher rental rates.



Accounting: Our accounting department familiarizes itself with each property and becomes fully integrated in all areas of operation and finance. SKS tracks all incomes and expenses to determine the profitability of your property. We closely monitor this data to minimize your expenses and maximize your income. Our accountants will provide you with monthly operating statements, detailing all revenue and expenses, and process owner distributions on your behalf.

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