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SKS Enterprises assists Real Estate Investors and Landlords locate and acquire premium investment properties.

Developing an acquisition and management strategy before you buy is crucial for maximizing profitability. We help our clients gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential property, current market conditions, and their financial responsibilities before acquiring a property.

Location Research and Property History

Current rental income and collection

Zoning issues and potential expansion

Existing violations and maintenance concerns

Financial and Management Expectations

Existing financing sources to acquire the property

Limitations on rental income by rent control and stabilization regulations

Market Conditions

Up to date knowledge of various properties for sale

Understanding fair market values for various property types today and market trends that could influence their future

Maximize Your Property's


Maximizing the profitability of your property is our priority. SKS helps clients through all aspects of investment properties—from choosing the property, to making the sale, to managing all aspects of the property’s functionality.

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